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Earrings Dream Catcher - Silver Coloured
  • Earrings Dream Catcher - Silver Coloured
  • Earrings Dream Catcher - Silver Coloured

Dream Catcher Earrings - Silver Coloured

Reference: EAR-DRE-MX

These silver coloured earrings have the symbol of the Native American Dream Catcher on the circular piece and this is adorned with the traditional 3 feathers of Trust, Honour and Strength. The dream catcher symbol brings through very high source protection energy to keep you safe and to keep negative energies and entities from being able to enter your energetic fields and cause blockages and obstacles in life. The dream catcher also helps you to see through the illusions in life and see through the darkness to see the Truth in situations around you. It also helps with being able to feel safe to fall into a deep sleep when resting knowing you are protected and being watched over by source. Dream catchers were made by the Native American Indians to ward off evil spirits especially at night while everyone slept. The energies of the feathers in these earrings help you to stand strong in your own Truth and Trust in the Divine Plan. They help you to find the strength to follow your life path and the Shaman symbol brings deep healing, guidance and support from Source to help you on your jouney in life. The earrings also symbolise Hope and Freedom and will help you energetically to navigate your life path towards a life of joy, happiness and freedom as filling your Higher Divien and soul purpose along the way. These earrings also bring strong protection around you to keep you safe in the physical world and to power through or keep away any threats, negative energies or lllness. The energy from these earrings show you have courage and honour and that you will stand your ground with confidence if needed but will always look for the path of peace to follow to bring harmony in and around you. 

NOTE: These earrings are silver coloured metal. They are not real silver.  There fore we cannot guarantee that they will not change colour with ongoing contact with different skin types. The power of the energetic qualities of these earrings does not lessen with them being silver coloured metal. They will still work with you as strongly and as powerfully as they would if they were silver. 

Wearing jewellery with Spiritual power symbols helps you to be able to connect with the deep positive energetic qualities of the meaning behind the symbol and bring through strong energies of healing protection and guidance to support you in daily life and on your path. 

Any form of energetic support from the Divine such as positive Spiritual symbols, power animals and crystals is always highly recommended to be worn as it allows you to form and develop a deeper connection with their energetic flow and the support they can bring for you. The more deeply connected you are with the support from Source the more strongly and powerfully it can help you and work with you. 

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Dimensions (approx.):
Top of Dream Catcher to Bottom of longest Feather Approx 5cm Width 1.7cm
Comes with:
- Luxury blue velvet gift bag.
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