Blue Calcite Palm size -
  • Blue Calcite Palm size -
  • Blue Calcite Palm size -
  • Blue Calcite Palm size -
  • Blue Calcite Palm size -
  • Blue Calcite Palm size -

Blue Calcite Palm size

Reference: BCA-PLM-1

Blue Calcite helps you to feel and connect fully with the spiritual being that you are. As the Earths vibration rises towards the higher frequency of the New Earth this crystal plays an important part in helping people to raise their own vibration with the higher frequency. This crystal helps you to fully connect with the higher spiritual being that you are and allow your true light to shine through the physical being. People who are drawn to this crystal are either already transitioning to the higher vibration or are ready to see the higher light being that they are beyond human form and start transitioning this into the physical being.

Palm sized crystals are great where specific energetic healing is required. They can be carried in your pocket or handbag, or be placed under your pillow at night, to allow the qualities of the crystal to constantly work with you and nurture you through the process you are going through. These are especially effective to use after receiving a healing service, for example a shamanic healing, as they help to deepen and integrate the healing you received. They also help with deep-seated issues such as self-love or grounding, as you can keep them continuously with you over long periods of time, to gently keep working through healing processes, which consist of multiple layers which need to be worked through one at a time. Although palm-size crystals are quite generic in the types of qualities and energies they bring, the size and shape of the crystal you are drawn to, is what will make the energies and qualities you receive, specific and personal to your individual needs at this time. Therefore the strength and depth of the qualities that are received can be quite different from person to person. 

When choosing a palm size crystal, always go for the one you feel most drawn to energetically.
This will be the perfect crystal for you and what you need.

Data sheet

134 grams
Dimensions (approx.):
72 mm x 44 mm x 22 mm
Comes with:
- Luxury blue velvet gift bag.
Photo's are of:
Actual item.
Available in stock

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