Aura Rose Quartz Palm size
  • Aura Rose Quartz Palm size
  • Aura Rose Quartz Palm size
  • Aura Rose Quartz Palm size
  • Aura Rose Quartz Palm size
  • Aura Rose Quartz Palm size

Aura Rose Quartz Palm size

Reference: ARQ-PLM-2

One of the qualities of the Aura Rose Palm crystal is that it is a perfect crystal for supporting fertility with conception, pregnancy and the birthing process.
The Aura Rose Quartz has a very high vibration and a very strong connection with Source, which brings through the purest and highest quality protection. 

The vibrational frequency of the Rose Quartz flows naturally through the body, clearing, cleansing and purifying the chakra system and the cellular system of the body. Its energy can help in the removal of toxins from within the body either through the body systems or energetically. It can also help to remove energy build-up within the etherical bodies.

The energy of the Aura Rose Quartz crystal connects itself firmly within the base chakra and then makes a strong link to Source to help hold the body and soul on Earth. It helps the soul to want to stay within the body on Earth. Therefore this crystal could be supportive for people with suicidal tendencies.  

This crystal has a beautiful rainbow colored glow over the whole surface of the crystal.

Palm sized crystals are great where specific energetic healing is required. They can be carried in your pocket or handbag, or be placed under your pillow at night, to allow the qualities of the crystal to constantly work with you and nurture you through the process you are going through. These are especially effective to use after receiving a healing service, for example a shamanic healing, as they help to deepen and integrate the healing you received. They also help with deep-seated issues such as self-love or grounding, as you can keep them continuously with you over long periods of time, to gently keep working through healing processes, which consist of multiple layers which need to be worked through one at a time. Although palm-size crystals are quite generic in the types of qualities and energies they bring, the size and shape of the crystal you are drawn to, is what will make the energies and qualities you receive, specific and personal to your individual needs at this time.Therefore the strength and depth of the qualities that are received can be quite different from person to person. 

When choosing a palm size crystal, always go for the one you feel most drawn to energetically.
This will be the perfect crystal for you and what you need.

Data sheet

87 grams
Dimensions (approx.):
70 mm x 50 mm x 14 mm
Photo's are of:
Actual item.
Available in stock

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