Shungite 6 cm Tall Pyramid -
  • Shungite 6 cm Tall Pyramid -
  • Shungite 6 cm Tall Pyramid -
  • Shungite 6 cm Tall Pyramid -

Shungite 6 cm Tall Pyramid

Reference: SHU-TPYR-MX

Shungite is a very powerful mineral, which is vitally important in today's world, especially in offices, hospitals and any other spaces where harmful rays from highly technological equipment are emitted and for people who use cell phones, computers and other high-technological electronic equipment in their home.

The Shungite pyramid acts in a similar way to Obsidian. Obsidian collects and transmutes negative Earth energies, where as Shungite collects and transmutes electrical energies. Shungite therefore supports people who are being constantly exposed to computers, electrical power lines, radio-active energy and any other forms of electro-magnetic energy created through man-made equipment. The qualities of this mineral also bring support to help minimise harmful effects from other widely used high-technological products such as cell phones, and cell phone networks, including the radiation of the upcoming 5G network. 

The sharper pointed, higher pyramid shape helps to alleviate the more extreme energies, which come at a higher level than ever before, for example 5G frequency. The higher pyramid shape performs better on the harmful higher frequencies, while the lower usual pyramid shape performs better on the harmful lower range frequencies.

This mineral also holds the qualities needed to be able to help bring protection around people who are exposed to variable levels of radiation, such as people who work with X-ray units in hospital, etc.

The pyramid itself works to clear the space surrounding these forms of machinery and technology, but the harmful rays put out by these forms of technology also have the power to affect you directly from their source. Therefore the pyramid will minimise the effects on you by keeping the space clear, but you will still remain open to absorbing the harmful rays directly into the physical body. Therefore it is highly recommended that people who are constantly working in these environment have a pyramid to keep the space clear but also wear the Shungite on the physical body such as through a bracelet or pendant. This shows the danger of these harmful rays in our world, because they have the ability to affect the environment and beings within the environment separately. Therefore clearing one doesn't clear the other automatically. If the room only is cleared, then the direct energy will still be able to affect you. The reason for the recommendation to have a pyramid in the room as well as wearing Shungite, is because if you only keep yourself clear with your Shungite bracelet, then the build-up of energy within the space will eventually reach a level of saturation where it will override the strength of the bracelet.

For people who are not continuously directly exposed to these environments through work situations, wearing Shungite should be enough to help minimise the effects of the harmful energies of the equipment used in day to day living, but placing a Shungite pyramid in rooms with computers and televisions, will help to keep the space clear and help create a more healthy living environment long-term.

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Dimensions (approx.):
Base: 35 mm x 33 mm, Height: 62 mm
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