Orange Selenite Cylinder Candle Holder
  • Orange Selenite Cylinder Candle Holder
  • Orange Selenite Cylinder Candle Holder
  • Orange Selenite Cylinder Candle Holder

Orange Selenite Cylinder Candle Holder

Reference: OSEL-CAN-CYL-X

The soft warm glow of the candle as it shines through the Selenite is romantic and soothing and helps set the tone of a room as being a safe peaceful place to be.

Selenite creates an open link to Source allowing pure Source energy to flow through and fill the space that the Selenite sits in. The flame of the candle acts as an amplifier and amplifies the energies and qualities of any crystals around it. Therefore lighting a candle near Selenite will strengthen the connection to Source and allow Source energy to flow more strongly into the room. The Orange colour energy which shines through this selenite holder helps you to clear the mind and drop down deep into the inner soul being to access Wisdom and Divine Guidance. This candle holder when lit will help bring through answers you are seeking on a deeper more valuable level than through the mind. Your decision making will become more guided and you are more likely to receive the best answer or solution for you in harmony with your Divine Path. The orange energetic qualities are also great to help deepen relationships with others and to calm down confrontation and disagreement between people. This would be a good candle to have in a meeting board room or in an office where often energies can become entangled and overwhelming. The orange selenite would also be helpful in a situation of ongoing illness as its calming qualities help to keep things positive and hopeful and the selenite opens up the highest source energy to bring healing and support through for the person who is ill and for those who are around supporting them.
This energy created through using this Selenite candle holder is especially supportive for people in flatting situations, full on busy households, office blocks or anyplace where people are coming and going all the time bringing in a range of different and mixed energies. As the candlelight shines through the Selenite it activates the energies and qualities the Selenite brings. Its energy centres and calms the core energy of the room creating a peaceful vibration throughout the space. This vibration helps to bring each person into their own space and holds them in that space so they don`t become overloaded and overwhelmed by the constantly changing mixture of energies from everyone around them. In a multiple occupant living situation (Flatting or large family) the energy created by this candle holder when in use, can support each person who lives there to stand in their power and feel confident to conduct them selves in a manner that works in with others while not giving themselves away completely. This helps build a "give and take" relationship with the other occupants as well as encourages open and positive communication.

Candles are used widely with crystals, because the light of the flame connects directly with Source and activates the crystals and amplifies the healing qualities they bring through.
For safety reasons candle holders are highly recommended to be used for candles at all times.

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Dimensions (approx.):
Height 8cm x Width 7.5cm
Comes with:
- Small candle.
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