Lucky Eye - Purple Elephant
  • Lucky Eye - Purple Elephant

Power Animal Wall Hanging - Purple Elephant


This ornament has been energetically cleared and tuned in a shamanic way to bring the vibrations as described below fully to their highest extend and in harmony with Source and the Divine Plan.

The elephant as a power animal brings the strength, courage and determination needed to forge forward on your life path. The energy of elephant brings perseverance and stamina to keep walking your path, no matter what. Elephant helps you to clear obstacles out of your way and open your path to allow sunshine to come in with positive energy to help you overcome the challenges.
The vibration of the purple colour of the elephant helps you to connect fully with your third eye and open up to the guidance and the messages coming through from spirit and your loved ones. It brings your ancestors and deceased loved ones around you to support you and guide you on the path towards your divine purpose. It helps to bring healing through for you individually and also for your lineage.
The vibration of the blue coloured trim helps to deepen your connection with spirit and helps to open you up more fully, bringing greater awareness to be able to see and recognise the messages and signs around you in day to day life.

The colour vibrations of the blue hanging glass of this unique wall hanging help you to go deeply within and fully access your inner true being. The strength of the blue then helps to enable you to bring your own inner strength and power out and stand strong in the world.
The colour vibration of the deep blue colour connects you with who you truly are (your true inner being), the colour vibration of the white helps to connect you to Source and the colour vibration of the turquoise helps you to express the whole of your true inner being out into the world. The colour vibration of black coloured centre helps to centre and ground your physical and spiritual being fully on the Earth, allowing you to step forward with new strength and power and fulfil your life purpose.

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Length: 20 cm
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