Lapis Lazuli Sphere

Reference: LAP-SPH-1

Lapis Lazuli Sphere
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The energies of this particular Lapis sphere allow you to rise above the Earth and see the world from a higher perspective. This brings clarity and insight to what is around you and allows you to see clearly the path ahead, opening your true purpose and showing you what steps to take towards fulfilling your purpose in the world.
The deep Earth energy of this sphere helps to calm the chaos and busyness of life around you and will allow whatever is no longer of benefit or serves you in a positive way, to fall away and open your path to deeper spiritual growth and allow you to move forward in life with a sense of belonging, a sense of purpose and being able to see where you fit in within the Universe and the Divine Plan.
This crystal sphere is most beneficial for people who feel overwhelmed by life or for people who need to calm the noise and distractions around them to see the way forward.

The Sphere shape brings a more nurturing form of healing energy from Source. Instead of directing energy through a point, like the obelisk does, the energy collects within the sphere, activating the qualities of that particular crystal and then gently permeates the surrounding space with those qualities. These crystals are very effective within a room to create and hold the healing space over long periods of time. Therefore the healing energy continuously flows through the room in a gentle way without being too strong or overwhelming. Spheres make a nice decorative space and therefore can be placed anywhere in the house and everyone in that space can receive the beneficial qualities of the crystal, provided their free will accepts it. Generally spheres are more expensive because they are cut from a much larger crystal to create the perfect sphere.

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0.278 kg
Diameter (approx.):
54 mm
Comes with:
- Hematite Ring (Stand).
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Actual item.
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