Trollite Sphere - 56mm

Reference: TRO-SPH-2

The Trollite crystal helps to deepen and expand your connection within the Earth and enables you to draw the Earth energy up through your body and use the benefits of the Earth energy around you in day to day life, bringing the understandings knowledge and awareness from Source within the earth through you and into the world.

This crystal fully connects you with your Soul Being and allows the Soul to grow through the human being and operate in life from a higher Source perspective this crystal then expands this energy into the Universe and brings Universal energy through that into the Earth. 
This crystal has the purpose in the rising vibration of the new Earth to download vital information needed to be able to continue the existence of mankind in the world. 

People who are drawn to this crystal have specifically come into this life time at an age where the Earth vibration is rising to become a portal for higher energies to come through into the world.

In regards to the special purpose the people, who are drawn to Trollite, have in this time and age:
Those who are drawn to this particular lighter blue sphere have the purpose of receiving downloads from the Universe for the world (reference: TRO-SPH-2). 
Those who feel more drawn to the darker blue sphere have the purpose of receiving downloads from the Earth for the world (reference: TRO-SPH-1). 
Those who are drawn to the Obelisk, have the purpose of holding the space and energies of the Earth and the Universe in balance during this time (reference: TRO-OBE-1).

Those who need to deepen their connection to the Universe will also be more drawn to the lighter blue colours of this particular sphere.
Those who want to deepen the connection with the Earth will also be more drawn to the darker blue coloured sphere.

Spheres bring a more nurturing form of healing energy from Source. Instead of directing energy through a point, like the obelisk does, the energy collects within the sphere, activating the qualities of that particular crystal and then gently permeates the surrounding space with those qualities. These crystals are very effective within a room to create and hold the healing space over long periods of time. Therefore the healing energy continuously flows through the room in a gentle way without being too strong or overwhelming. Spheres make a nice decorative space and therefore can be placed anywhere in the house and everyone in that space can receive the beneficial qualities of the crystal, provided their free will accepts it. Generally spheres are more expensive because they are cut from a much larger crystal to create the perfect sphere.

Data sheet

279 gram
Diameter (approx.):
56 mm
Comes with:
- Hematite Ring (Stand).
Photo's are of:
Actual item.
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