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American Greenstone - Sterling Silver Pendant

Reference: AGS-HP-1

American Greenstone - Sterling Silver Pendant
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This American Greenstone (Heartenite) pendant comes with 20" (50.8 cm long) 925 Sterling Silver 2 mm chain necklace, which can be made shorter if you wish.

American Greenstone is a very deep powerful crystal stone which goes to the deepest levels within the heart and opens the heart up to the inner Divine energy which sustains us and gives us vision and drive in life to fulfil our Higher purpose. For those who feel lost in life. This stone helps you to ground fully in your soul purpose and bring the strongest most powerful form of Higher Power through to stand in that purpose and fulfil every part of it in your lifetime. The American Greenstone helps you to find the strength and courage to let go of anything which no longer serves you and brings your focus and energy strongly in line with Divine Plan and your soul learning and growth. This is a manifestation stone which helps you to open and manifest the needs of the soul over the needs of the ego. It pushes the ego aside so you can see your True Path clearly and feel the direction you are being guided to move in. It then continues to protect you  and guide you while you walk that path. This is the stone of inner direction and guidance. It is the compass of the soul. 

Heart shape pendant: 
The shape of the pendants create different energies depending on what shape they are. The qualities and gifts the crystals bring are similar but the shape helps to determine the strength of the energy from the crystal and also how the gifts and qualities are taken into your body energetically. 
The heart shape of this crystal helps to bring the qualities of the crystal through the heart in a very gentle nurturing way and work most effectively over a period of time. This shape is also good for regulating the strength of the healing qualities the crystal brings to ensure that the healing received through these crystals is subtle and not too overwhelming.

Jewellery is an effective way to be able to fully receive the beneficial healing qualities of the crystals through wearing them in a fashionable way. Wearing the crystals continuously enables you to form a deeper connection with your crystal, allowing it to adapt its qualities to work with you on a more personal level. As you develop your relationship with your crystal over time, it will learn to adjust the qualities you receive from it, to bring you the greatest support possible with healing processes and in your spiritual growth and development. People who wear their crystals and build this relationship with them, often feel a loving, nurturing and supporting vibration from the crystal, helping them to cope with challenging situations.

Data sheet

Dimensions (approx.):
25 mm x 25 mm x 7 mm
Comes with:
- 20" (50.8 cm long) 925 Sterling silver 2 mm chain necklace (can be shortened if desired).
- Luxury blue velvet gift bag.
Photo's are of:
Actual item.

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