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  • Siberian Blue Quartz Pendant - inari.co.nz
  • Siberian Blue Quartz Pendant - inari.co.nz
  • Siberian Blue Quartz Pendant - inari.co.nz
  • Siberian Blue Quartz Pendant - inari.co.nz

Siberian Blue Quartz Pendant With 925 Sterling Silver Necklace

Reference: SBQ-PE-1

Siberian Blue Quartz Pendant With 925 Sterling Silver Necklace
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This an Unique and Amazing Pure Clear Siberian Blue Quartz Double Terminated Pendant with a small Diamond-shape Danburite Crystal inserted. 
Comes with 20" (50.8 cm long) 925 Sterling Silver 2 mm chain necklace, which can be made shorter if you wish.

This is a very beautiful pendant, a real eye catcher. Very hard to find.
One of the photos with white background is made with flash, others without to give you a better impression of the actual colour and transparency.

Siberian Blue Quartz crystal helps to connect you with your inner power, so you can stand strongly in who you are and what you believe in. The clear energy of this crystal sets up a core of inner strength flowing through you from Source through your Crown chakra and then through your physical body and into the Earth. From this core energy flow you are supported to be able to go deep within yourself and feel the peace and wisdom of your inner true being. It is from this deep place within you that you are able to bring the truth of your inner being out into the world and stand in your authority, opening you up to a life of greater purpose and meaning and with a much clearer direction on your path. 

This crystal also brings your angels around you to protect you, guide you and support you on your life journey. 

For some people the energy from this crystal and the connection through it with the angels, who have come in to support you, can be felt as deeply nurturing , loving feeling, like a blanket of energy around you. For those of you sensitive enough to feel this connection, you may also find it possible to communicate with those angels and receive messages and guidance from them.

This is a beautiful crystal which operates on the higher vibration of the New Earth and works with you to raise your own vibration with the energies of the Earth as the Earth moves to a higher frequency.

Danburite (the inserted diamond-shaped crystal) is another one of the New Earth crystals which work on the higher frequency vibration of the New Earth. So this pendant with the Danburite and the Blue Quartz works on an extremely powerful high frequency level to help who ever wears it to connect fully with the higher vibration of the New Earth and come into alignment with the higher vibration on a physical and soul level.

Jewellery is an effective way to be able to fully receive the beneficial healing qualities of the crystals through wearing them in a fashionable way. Wearing the crystals continuously enables you to form a deeper connection with your crystal, allowing it to adapt its qualities to work with you on a more personal level. As you develop your relationship with your crystal over time, it will learn to adjust the qualities you receive from it, to bring you the greatest support possible with healing processes and in your spiritual growth and development. People who wear their crystals and build this relationship with them, often feel a loving, nurturing and supporting vibration from the crystal, helping them to cope with challenging situations.

The shape of the pendants create different energies depending on what shape they are. The qualities and gifts the crystals bring are similar but the shape helps to determine the strength of the energy from the crystal and also how the gifts and qualities are taken into your body energetically. 

Terminated pendants: Bring the qualities and gifts of the crystal out in a more powerful, direct way and have a much stronger effect. These are recommended for people who need stronger support and who wish to work on a deeper, more closer level through issues, challenges, self-healing and soul growth.

The double terminated pendant creates an energetic link and flow from Source through the physical body and grounding within the Earth. It also creates the flow from within the Earth up to Source and it is from within this flow that healing on all levels can be received. The healing from this type of pendant is more effective and stronger than any other type, because it works with energies from Source and also from within the Earth.

Data sheet

Dimensions (approx.):
38mm x 10 mm (crystal only)
Inserted Crystal: 8mm x 5 mm x 8mm
Length: 51 mm (crystal plus silver holder)
Comes with:
- 20" (50.8 cm long) 925 Sterling silver 2 mm chain necklace (can be shortened if desired).
- Luxury blue velvet gift bag.
Photo's are of:
Actual item.

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