Rose Quartz Obelisk - 7.2 cm

Reference: RQ-OBE-2

This Rose Quartz obelisk operates on a very high vibration, that brings Divine Love straight from Source through the core of your body and grounds into the earth. This crystal creates a constant connection and flow from Source with Divine Love through you and helps with situations where much love, forgiveness, understanding and nurturing is needed.

Obelisk shaped crystals channel a very strong healing vibration as they connect directly with Source and bring Source energy through the crystal, grounding it firmly within the Earth.The healing energy that comes through the obelisk point tends to be much stronger and more effective than any other shape crystal. The size of the obelisk does not affect the type of qualities that particular crystal brings, but the larger the point the more the energies are amplified and the stronger the healing energies will be.

Height: 72 mm
Width at base: 23 mm x 26 mm

Data sheet

Dimensions (approx.):
Base: 23 mm x 26 mm, H: 72 mm.
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