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Grounding Meditation by Inari Raphael Ltd - inari.co.nz - (c) 2021
  • Grounding Meditation by Inari Raphael Ltd - inari.co.nz - (c) 2021

New Earth Grounding Meditation - MP3

Reference: MED-GROUND-X

This is a digital Download of the Grounding Meditation (17 Minutes in MP3 format, with a short documentation txt, packed in a zip file).

This grounding meditation to ground in the vibration of the new earth is created by Ivo & Lyn of Inari Raphael Ltd, and spoken by Lyn.
The timing of this guided meditation is perfectly balanced in the masculine and feminine.

It is one of the meditations created for the workshop "The Power Within". For more info about this workshop, please visit inari.co.nz

This meditation brings the physical and the spiritual within you together and grounds them into the earth. It helps to anchor your soul and your body into the earth.

In this meditation you will be guided through a visualisation where you stand on the earth and grow roots out of your feet down into the core of the earth. 

Then when the roots are strong you will bring the grounding energy from the core of the earth up into your feet and up to your chest where you anchor your soul into the earth and then bring the earth energy up all the way up to just above your head, where it will go up and out through your etheric and astral bodies and from there back down into the earth.

Grounding is very important in life, because it helps you to be present in your body.
Without being present in your body on earth, it becomes very hard to create anything in your life. Also listening and expressing yourself is more difficult if you are not grounded. To stand in your power you have to be grounded, so you can actually claim your own space and place in the world. The more grounded you are, the more spiritual energy you can bring through without getting overloaded or overwhelmed.

This meditation also guides you to create a command within you, so you can call upon strong grounding instantly by simply saying a command within yourself.

Do not underestimate the importance of grounding; nothing can be achieved on earth without actually being here, grounded on earth and present in the body.

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